HTM Participates in Local Working Holiday Project

23 March, 2017

HTM recently participated in the Local Working Holiday Project for Shiribeshi sub-prefecture committee. The regional vitalisation project, as part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, allowed six Japanese collage students to join our Niseko Central, GoSnow and marketing teams for their internships.

Through this project, students were able to learn and gain insight from real-world experiences by having access to business operations with HTM. Students interned with HTM between January 13th - February 9th and February 15th - March 14th.

It is the first year this project has been run and has proven to be a great success in its maiden year. HTM was one of a number of other companies in Niseko to be a part of this regional project.

This exciting project was covered by local TV Hokkaido, in which HTM was featured and interns and members of HTM staffed interviewed. Watch the video below: