Sitting on local community projects

Chris Pickering (Executive Director) is a Director of the Kutchan Tourism Association and the Niseko Promotion Board as well as an active member of the Shiribeshi Future Network.

Supporting local charities and initiatives

HTM is a proud supporter of:

  • Mountain Scholarship Fund – as the largest sponsor of scholarships for local children to attend the SMILE English School in, HTM sees English-language skills in the local population as a fantastic way to increase local employment and involvement in this international resort.
  • Iwanai and Rankoshi Orphanages – organising Winter and Summer sporting events to supporting English-language education.
  • Niseko Cow Parade – through our HT Holidays and Ki Niseko brands we are sponsoring six cows in this Niseko Promotion Board initiative.

Involvement and support for local events

HTM provides support for the following events:

  • Festival of Japan – major sponsors of the event, set up by Niseko locals with the support of local government and businesses to ensure visitors to Niseko have a chance to discover the many cultural experiences unique to Japan.
  • Yukitopia – Kutchan's yearly snow festival.
  • Niseko Classic – Niseko's premier cycling event.
  • Hirafu Matsuri – Niseko's premier summer festival.
  • Niseko Halloween – A family-oriented celebration of Halloween in Niseko.
HTM Staff volunteers

HTM staff volunteering at the 2014 Niseko Classic